Bayern Munich vs CSKA 3:0 All Goals & Highlights 17.09.2013 UEFA Champions League

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25 Responses to “Bayern Munich vs CSKA 3:0 All Goals & Highlights 17.09.2013 UEFA Champions League”

  1. Briant Serrano Says:

    u shold know that the brazilian football is the best 

  2. memed jawas Says:


  3. Briant Serrano Says:

    andrei ur stupid 

  4. Bart88 Says:

    Offside ?? Are You fucking Blind ? Mandzukic isn’t on offside, just Boateng
    and Dante !!. Look at CSKA defender with number 19….

  5. sarbasov Says:

    1:17 What a cunning free kick play.

  6. Andrei Karhu Says:

    Bullshit.. CSKA would be in top 10 of any Brazilian competition.

  7. Amien S Says:

    Alaba is a freak hands down

  8. Fellipe Machado Moutinho Says:

    Bad Goalkeeper, horrible….

  9. Maxim Pisarev Says:

    wie kann man fc bayern nicht lieben!?

  10. saaim Ibrahim Says:

    Is there one for real vs galatasary or uniteds game?

  11. Elvis Oliveira Says:

    I’m not talking about organization. I’m talking about the bad teams. CSKA
    or Ajax would not be in the top 10 of the Brazilian championship. I’m
    talking about because I watch some of the world championships.

  12. Chrys Mulyadi Says:


  13. chrizcas Says:

    those are not away shirts, it’s the CL-Kit !

  14. Adam Riley Says:

    Nah you´re just brazilian…

  15. EduardNovac Says:

    Second goal – offside!

  16. Sheladi Zak Says:

    Go on my channel you will find it

  17. Bart88 Says:

    Hahahahaha, no comment.

  18. massi boukabous Says:


  19. alien17ful Says:

    2nd goal offside

  20. Elvis Oliveira Says:

    That’s right! If you do not know about world football, have to be quiet to
    avoid embarrassment.

  21. Картошка Фри Says:

    CSKA better than Barcelona? Barca lost 4-0, 3-0 CSKA. :D

  22. Alberto Barragan Says:

    2nd goal off side. Third goal one defender staid behind.

  23. Nikita Ashchepkov Says:

    Absolutely Right!

  24. henry perez Says:

    David Alaba what a player and still young!!!

  25. YURI BOYKA Says: