Fernando Torres vs Bayern Munich (30/08/2013) by MNcomps

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25 Responses to “Fernando Torres vs Bayern Munich (30/08/2013) by MNcomps”

  1. Jon Jones Says:

    Ellll Nino !!! ❤️

  2. mr maxitot Says:

    (((( bayern win

  3. Gino Gerome Says:

    Richtig gutes spiel von Torres ;) <3

  4. memphisxtreme Says:

    Good game Torres. Lukaku keep your head up. Every good player makes mistake.

  5. MNcompsHD Says:

    ne tut mir leid, die meisten fans kommen halt aus england oder spanien,
    deswegen nur englischer kommentar oder halt music :)

  6. Tarek Makki Says:

    The best torres compilation i find on youtube!! thanks for uploading the
    videos man ! keep them going !

  7. ปกรณ์ อุทังสังข์ Says:


  8. James Moore Says:

    Good video mate! Could you put the next one in hd?

  9. MNcompsHD Says:

    I will always make a hd comp, but first a fast sd comp, tomorrow you will
    get the HD version :)

  10. James Moore Says:

    Cheers mate! Keep the videos coming throughout the season :)

  11. LpWorador Says:


  12. Edwin Hernandez Says:

    Great video bro. Like the commentry. Keep it up :)

  13. zJust PauL Says:


  14. Faraoni7 Says:

    fine :) thanks

  15. LordSinues Says:

    Kein Problem ;D Aber ich möchte zudem einfach mal Danke sagen dafür, dass
    du nach jedem Spiel; indem Torres zum spielen kam; ein Video machst, was
    NICHT selbstverständlich ist, für mich! ;D Torres ist für mich einer der
    weltbesten Spieler und durch solche Videos wie deine, bin ich stolz darauf
    ein Torres-Fan zu sein! ;D

  16. FifaRageHD Says:

    Torres was brilliant

  17. IGWE99 Says:

    yh romelu keep ur head his confidence most be at -50% bless him

  18. Raz'Bestia Says:

    mach ma schürrle vs munich

  19. MNcompsHD Says:

    today or tomorrow I will make the HD version, and of course I will upload
    an uncropped version as always :)

  20. Nicky Larson Says:

    that was quick

  21. Ryan ALEnazy Says:

    Chelsea till I die

  22. Ian Lau Says:

    I love u torres9

  23. IGWE99 Says:

    lukaku needs another loan look at benteke and sturrige, playing well lukaku
    is about there quality like those two he lukaku needs 1st team football, Ba
    must be sold, which leaves torres and etoo thats enogh dont you think, also
    moses loan

  24. Ronakk Patel Says:

    excellent job mate, keep it up

  25. 9iNando Says:

    Good work bro<3 beautiful goal by Nando my idol<3