KSI’s Road To Wembley | Bayern Munich v Arsenal

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25 Responses to “KSI’s Road To Wembley | Bayern Munich v Arsenal”

  1. Heating the "Flamethrower" Says:

    I love you KSI but you do realise that in Arsenal there is an Arse,that’s
    how crappy that team is…

  2. The Original Zappy Says:

    Does KSI Pay for his trips or does Copa 90 Pay?

  3. BranoneMCSG Says:

    I never understood the aggregate rule?

  4. Jabin Datt Says:


  5. bLacK SiLenCe Says:

    His English sucks xD

  6. TheMegaGliscor Says:

    Dude “Lets kick the door open!” *Kicks door, door doesn’t budge*

    KSI “Oh really, well that didn’t work!”


  7. J4CKSC0TCH3R Says:

    hahahah 1:15 raping the seal statue hhaaa

  8. Alimzo Kamara Says:


  9. GamerXpert7 Says:

    So… did no one see the white guy in the background stroking his

  10. Nilazy Says:

    I think this is the best video fifa wise

  11. Emil Pernler Says:

    man this makes me smile

  12. keitaro ramli Says:

    Always be gunners KSI

  13. Harry Beckford Says:

    your still the best ksi dont get that frimong beat you again

  14. myrddin c Says:

    why is the men on the back sitting with a knife :) 

  15. Ryan Merles Says:

    What do you mean 3:50!

  16. orresnygg Says:

    Oh Ultras wuth flares must been someone from outside uk

  17. ajethro85 Says:

    Lets just kick the door open…Oh really?…Well, that didnt

  18. Ryan Merles Says:

    Ksi x

  19. NaschHasch Says:

    1:32 yap

  20. Bryn Hamilton Says:

    So gay 

  21. Mario De La Guardia Says:

    like a true english you fucked up on penaltys

  22. Aaron Rogers Says:

    I play u what console u have 

  23. darryl van Helvert Says:

    what..what…what IN THE BUTT!!!

  24. HessofDess Says:

    Damn.. music at 0:41 ? its not any of these which KSI write in the

  25. PlatinumMonster Says: