Lionel Messi vs Bayern Munich (A) 13-14 HD 720p by CriRo7i

Video Score: 3 / five

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25 Responses to “Lionel Messi vs Bayern Munich (A) 13-14 HD 720p by CriRo7i”

  1. Hugo Ruiz Says:

    Bayern is just getting started.

  2. 2kfaheem Says:

    messi come back to form please no more humiliation from germans please

  3. Marco Vinicio FCB Says:

    the 7 – 0 real madrid fans enjoy so much was with a barca full of injured
    players, messi, xavi, pique, puyol, jordi alba… it was that damn Jordi
    Roura the one to blame

  4. Bruce Wayne Says:

    whats the song?

  5. Milos Ilic Says:

    Barcelona the best team ever in the planet!They just got bored of winning
    everything…and of course,no Guardiola,no motivation!

  6. 777fbb Says:

    With a messi 100% Barca would kill germans. 

  7. Oscar Smith Says:

    7UP 7UP 7UP

  8. joaquinnaaz sanchez Says:

    messi the best EVER 

  9. Raymundo Porcayo Says:

    Bayern beat both real madrid and barca because bayern is the best team

  10. Hakam Abudagga Says:

    bayern are stronger then barcelona but real madrid are better then barca
    and bayern

  11. Costin Manea Says:

    Messi is the best EVER !

  12. VideosF Frage Says:

    fuck messi Ribery is better

  13. Zarko Alincanec Says:

    at 03:45 bayern were lucky messi didnt score

  14. oh Dee Says:


  15. Hector S Says:

    2-0this game

  16. Rahimo Crb Says:


  17. Dar Man Says:


  18. gargrubee Says:

    Tbh Germany as a national team contained messi in the world cup and this
    carries over to Bayern who have lahm,neuer,schweinsteiger,Kroos,
    Boateng,Gomez(still at Bayern?)

  19. voldmerot Says:

    What the hell happened to Messi?? he was so fast not too long ago…

  20. Zarko Alincanec Says:

    can you see at 04:33 messi owning ribery

  21. Yeeeio Says:

    You know Messi didn’t do shit in this game when the intro is nearly 3

  22. ruslan kirdan Says:

    WHAT THE REMIX??????? OF E. ofthe sun

  23. Ali Tasoglu Says:

    He was shit this game , this video is pointless

  24. gongkei Says:

    Bayern Munich 9-0 FC Barcelona

  25. ruslan kirdan Says:

    wHAT THE REMIX OF THE SONG??????????????????????????