25 thoughts on “Lionel Messi vs Bayern Munich (A) 13-14 HD 720p by CriRo7i

  1. the 7 – 0 real madrid fans enjoy so much was with a barca full of injured
    players, messi, xavi, pique, puyol, jordi alba… it was that damn Jordi
    Roura the one to blame

  2. Barcelona the best team ever in the planet!They just got bored of winning
    everything…and of course,no Guardiola,no motivation!

  3. bayern are stronger then barcelona but real madrid are better then barca
    and bayern

  4. Tbh Germany as a national team contained messi in the world cup and this
    carries over to Bayern who have lahm,neuer,schweinsteiger,Kroos,
    Boateng,Gomez(still at Bayern?)

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