Lufthansa – FC Bayern Munich (English)

Movie Ranking: four / five

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25 Responses to “Lufthansa – FC Bayern Munich (English)”

  1. Sumina Mohammed Says:

    LoL..Dats a super cool ad !

  2. Monica A.T Says:

    Where is Thomas?

  3. kfir phillip Says:

    Song name?

  4. ابطال اوربا Says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h a

  5. Oliver Howard Says:

    Fuck fcb

  6. Andrea Narciso Says:

    what’s the name of this music?

  7. Carlton Suen Says:
  8. Benni Bert Says:

    Super Video!

  9. Jusewas Says:


  10. winchitox270 Says:

    Racist Bitch

  11. mchras Says:

    Mario Gomez is really handsome!

  12. JamieAndSassenach Says:

    Gender Studies und Geschlechtssterotypenanalyse scheinen der Lufthansa
    unbekannt zu sein. Usch!

  13. T Chie Says:


  14. taching125 Says:

    LOL !

  15. jayjay1367 Says:

    DAMN!! I respect that kid!!

  16. Dharshan Jeya Says:


  17. Robert Muller Says:

    Supppppeeeeeerrrrrrrr !Fantastisch FCB+Lufthansaa :)

  18. TheNostradamus13 Says:

    Tja nichts kann einen jemanden wieJürgen Raps übertrffen :D

  19. 2fbDJLL Says:

    Hahahaha! Cool!

  20. Crisan Sergiu Says:

    name of the song please 0:40

  21. 虚心兵 エレファント Says:

    good music !!!

  22. Robby Witte Says:

    Super Spot!

  23. rtiofg Says:

    Oneeee of the best commercials i have ever seen

  24. Dukie9998 Says:

    That kids as tall as Lahm.

  25. 4321Computer Says:

    0:41 Wie heißt der Song 0:41 what is the name of the song