Mario Götze – Dreaming – Welcome to FC Bayern Munich | 2013 HD

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24 Responses to “Mario Götze – Dreaming – Welcome to FC Bayern Munich | 2013 HD”

  1. cashtasticxx Says:


  2. varw123791 Says:

    You call it being a traitor, I call it going back to the roots, growing up he was a bayern fan, his parents were bayern fans, and his family even lives in bayern.

  3. dany albert Says:

    Btw it was lewondowski in2:17 who scored .thumbs up if u agree

  4. cashtasticxx Says:


  5. Faiyaz Hossain Says:

    Haha welcome to Fcb

  6. KillerGotze Says:

    Rameses B ft. Holly Drummond – Dreaming

  7. KillerGotze Says:

    Rameses B ft. Holly Drummond – Dreaming

  8. KillerGotze Says:

    Götze is the best*-*

  9. Remy Dortmund Says:

    maybe in your dreams?

  10. QuestForFootball Says:


  11. RoDoGer14 Says:

    I’m from Dortmund and believe me you only see media… He even tries to fine a Dortmund rapper 70000 Euro’s that made a song about how he feels about Götze as a fan. Would you like that?

  12. Francisco Rodrigues Says:

    I know Bayern is a top club in world but why Gotze after winning 2 leagues cup and be in a champions final changes Dortmund for Bayern,he is a traitor it must be said. Also if Dortmund kept that team for more years with some other new players Klopp would fuck idiot bastard Guardiola and it would be a major laugh. Now i have to put up with Guardiola cunt once again in the best team n the world and then they say he is a good coach LOOOL i hate him to death

  13. taiago1 Says:


  14. Daniel Juarez Says:

    Como se llama la canción? ???

  15. QuestForFootball Says:

    Like you haven’t lied before, you forgot on one of his interviews he said after signing that Dortmund would always be in his heart, that they made him who he was today. He still has major respect and love for the club.

  16. QuestForFootball Says:

    Clearly you say that because your clearly a chelsea fan but if they left I’d say you say different

  17. RoDoGer14 Says:

    He shouldn’t say something like that in first place then… Of course he is an amazing footballer but he is a big lier cunt.

  18. QuestForFootball Says:

    Its true i’m not a BvB fan but basically you don’t know what go’s on in his real life to make him change his mind and go with the decision he made.

  19. RoDoGer14 Says:

    You aren’t a BvB-Fan you don’t have any idea what he said to us so please don’t even try to defend him. I don’t care about where he gonna play, the thing is that 2 months before the news he extended his contract and said to us that he thinks of staying at BvB for ever and then suddenly one day before the CL-Halffinal the news were out that he goes to Bayern. So he is Mario CUNTze.

  20. QuestForFootball Says:

    It might of been a wise choice and think of it, the money Dortmund gets for him they could sign a midfielder with the same potential, skill and greatness.

  21. QuestForFootball Says:

    Its because hes from the area where they play

  22. QuestForFootball Says:

    Just because he moved to Bayern doesn’t make him a ‘Cunt’, It might of been a wise decision and might pay off for him in the future

  23. Chelsea Fan Says:

    Mata and Hazard are better

  24. RoDoGer14 Says:

    Mario CUNTze