Olly Murs – Olly Murs Visits FC Bayern, Munich

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25 Responses to “Olly Murs – Olly Murs Visits FC Bayern, Munich”

  1. Rafael Berhanu Says:

    He is visiting the best German soccer team, followed by Dortmund, he is
    sooooo lucky

  2. Sally Sellars Says:

    What team do you support?

  3. Nathan Sedgwick Says:


  4. Ellen Eva Says:

    olly’s accent im dying

  5. Jovi Leong Says:

    i want the F50 lol….

  6. Anderson K.C. Says:

    maybe VEVO put it automatically lol but Idk why he uploaded this on VEVO

  7. Alejandra Posso Says:

    God! He’s so perfect, I want to meet him so bad!

  8. dan phil Says:


  9. VisionMasterRBLX Says:

    omg he got to meet Robbin

  10. awwent LP Says:

    Olly is the best!!! I like your music

  11. Mil Wall Says:

    Why you no Millwall! visit the Den sometime

  12. Hi, ImViola Says:

    Cutee<3 I want to meet him!

  13. Grace Proctor Says:

    OMG my bby

  14. Lucas Philipp Says:

    Bayern München *—-* 33333334344

  15. quesejamermao Says:

    awwwww he’s visiting my favourite club in Germany <3

  16. Anna Marie Priks Says:

    Right Place Right Time

  17. liam78654309 Says:

    whats the song?!#*(&@U

  18. Giourgen GRmany Says:

    We love Bayern! <3

  19. AL11500045 Says:

    Great! best fun ever.. greetings from mexico.

  20. Sebastians Wien Says:


  21. Sebastians Wien Says:

    Komm einmal zum Rapid Wien

  22. shukri mohamed Says:

    We need you in Sweden

  23. Laurene Chanteloup Says:

    Il a eu chance énorme!! Je l’envie :o ♥♥.

  24. snookiexP Says:

    The FC Bayern players are so lucky :D

  25. Salo Sulakvelidze Says:

    love both so much <3