It was hard to tell if Sergei Gnabry was trolling Arsenal or Tottenham or both when he tweeted “North London is red” after Bayern Munich destroyed Spurs 7-2 in London on the ongoing UEFA Champions League.

It is easy to say that Spurs are shitty at the moment and that contributed to the magnitude of humiliation and you’d be right but that does not take away the fact that Bayern’s performance was a masterpiece.

A ringing endorsement to how well they have been growing and improving having witnessed some stagnancy while still looking like a team with healthy progress, is the number of youth massaging the old guard to produce a night that will stand out for many nights to come as far as the UEFA Champions League is concerned.

Yes, it looks like they are struggling back home but that will pass. You don’t lose Ribery and Robben at once and expect things to continue as normal when it was practically those two who did the most damage for the FC Hollywood.

Still with Phillipe Coutinho, Kingsley Coman and Gnabry, the Allianz Arena are setting themselves up nicely for the future.

Manuel Neuer increasingly looks like he will pull a Gianluigi Buffon’s longevity in between Bayern’s sticks. Joshua Kimmich – who also scored a wonderful goal by the way – looks set to lead the next generation of Bayern defenders once Jerome Boateng retires. Then there is Thiago Alcantara whom you just need to re-watch the clip of his beautiful long pass to Sergei to understand how much magic is in between the Spaniard’s legs.

Real Madrid is struggling. Barcelona will soon join once Messi retires. As for Juventus, if they can’t win it with Cristiano Ronaldo, they might as well forget it. The last place to challenge the crown of Europe is England but even they are struggling to produce a major season in, season out title contender.

The Bavarians just need the universe to do its thing and enable this new generation of ruthless footballers rule Europe once again.