Carlo Ancelotti breaks a Champions League record with Bayern Munich


It’s been a little over 2 months since Carlo Ancelotti’s contract with Bayern Manich and the Italian manager has continued the string of positive results that the previous managers of the club initiated.

Even though it has been a fairly short period of time since Ancelotti took over, he has already began to start writing his name in the history-books of European football as the head coach of Bayern Munich after surpassing the home record of Manchester United.

The Premier League club had 12 successive home triumphs in the Champions League and Bayern Munich’s recent 5-0 victory over Rostov was their 13th triumph.

Bayern Munich faced off with the Russian outfit Rostov on September 13 and claimed a convincing 5-0 triumph and despite this victory being the perfect start of Carlo Ancelotti’s Champions League campaign as the head coach of Bayern Munich, the Italian manager does not want to get carried away as Ancelotti is aware that this is only the start and that the journey has begun.

‘’It was a good start to our Champions League campaign. It was difficult to score early on, we didn’t have many chances. We got there.At the moment, the team is in good condition, both physically and mentally.’’

That was the statement released by Carlo Ancelotti after his team defeated Rostov, the Italian manager was only thinking about the present and avoided trying to talk about what might happen in the near future as he does not want to get carried away.

Carlo Ancelotti is an experienced manager who has already lifted the Champions League with Ac.Milan and Real Madrid; he is now aiming to do it with Bayern Munich but despite having kicked off his Champions League campaign with Bayern Munich in superb form, Ancelotti is aware that things will not be as easy when his squad has to start facing off with top clubs such as: Barcelona, Real Madrid, Athletic Madrid and Manchester City as those are the favorites of winning the European competition.