Fifa 14 – Destroying Bayern Munich – Episode 1


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25 thoughts on “Fifa 14 – Destroying Bayern Munich – Episode 1

  1. it wouldnt happen in real life toff, the chairman and board finalise the
    deals, not the managers

  2. I did a destroying Liverpool and it was quite good fun. Awesome series idea

  3. Im a real bayern supporter, and this is hilarious… Credits mate its fun.

  4. Yessssss germans getting knocked down a peg ps first comment . Lol had to
    be said

  5. don’t use too much wage budget so u could sign millions of shit players and
    get rid of all the good ones

  6. Maybe buy only goalkeepers? Their entire squad consisting of GK’s would be
    pretty .. interesting.

    Would be easier than to go for the fokin’ ledges.

  7. wont work this year you will be fired by end of october i tried it with
    barcelona, the owners of the clubs are def more stricter 

  8. Buy Matty Blair, and see if you can find Georgie boy Sarmov in the free

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