Yesterday night was not a good night for the Bayern Munich boss Pep Guardiola. Despite being the hot favourites, his team couldn’t win the first leg of the Champions League quarter final clash against Manchester United.

The frustration of Guardiola was quite visible when he was addressing the press at the end of the match. He got pissed off at a reporter who started looking somewhere else after asking him a question.

That reporter had asked him whether he thought that United’s approach in the game was too defensive. Guardiola replied, “Look, it would be a bit inappropriate for me to say that. I respect my counter parts.”

And, then the Spaniard found the reporter not looking towards him and he showed his unhappiness on that. He said, “I think you should have you eyes on the person whom you want the answer from, but, that’s not the case. Your eyes are elsewhere.”

Guardiola also expressed his disappointment over the fact that one of his players (Schweinsteiger) was shown red card at a very crucial point in the match.

He said, “That was not a fair decision, not for me at least and I let the referee know about that when I had a chat with him after the game. There was no heated discussion. I just told him my opinion and then we guys hugged and wished each other all the best.”

The eventual outcome of the match was 1-1. Nemanja Vidic gave United the lead in the 59th minute, but, eight minutes later, that lead was gone. Bastian Schweinsteiger levelled it for Bayern.

It set up the match nicely, but, no more goals came from either side after that and the match ended in a draw.

Bayern will be playing the return leg on their home ground, so, they will again be the favourites.