Jerome Boateng is a top defensive target of Manchester United


Jerome Boateng has turned into one of the priority targets of Manchester United. Louis van Gaal is considering signing Boateng from Bayern Munich as the 26 year old defender would be a huge upgrade from his defensive duo which consists of Chris Smalling and Phil Jones.

At the age of 26, Boateng has already some of the biggest trophies in the world including: Champions League, World Cup and Bundesliga titles just to name a few. The German defender is no stranger to what it’s like playing at a high level against world class players.

During the previous season of the Premier League, Manchester United conceded a total of 37 goals in 38 matches and even though this is one of the best records out of any club of the Premier League of the past season, Louis van Gaal wants to reinforce it even further and Jerome Boateng is one of the players who meets his needs.

Whenever it may be needed, Jerome Boateng has the adaptability of performing not only in the center of the defence but also down the left-back position.

Experience, adaptability and consistency are some of the most significantly important traits that Jerome Boateng can add to any team that he joins and Louis van Gaal is attracted by everything that the German defender can offer, however signing Boateng from Bayern Munich which be easier said than done.

In the last Bundesliga season, Jerome Boateng made a total of 27 appearances for Bayern Munich. This is the highest amount of appearances for any defender for the team of Pep Guardiola.

It’s very clear just how important Boateng is for Pep Guardiola and for Bayern Munich. The Spanish manager has no true reason of selling his most important and consistent defender.

However, if Manchester United launched a good enough offer which is tempting enough then a transfer can actually happen but it seems highly unlikely that Guardiola will let go a player who is so important for his team.