Klopp reacts as Bayern Munich confirm Lewandowski transfer


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25 thoughts on “Klopp reacts as Bayern Munich confirm Lewandowski transfer

  1. Following the confirmation that Robert Lewandowski will join Bayern Munich
    this summer, Borussia Dortmund manager Jürgen Klopp says he just wants to
    get the best out of the Polish striker while he remains at the club.

    Here’s his interview; Klopp reacts as Lewandowski to Bayern Munich is made

  2. How do you feel about Lewandowski’s move to Bayern? Looks like it will
    actually weaken the Bundesliga – Munich will simply be too good for the
    league to be a real competition

  3. Bad news for football in generall. I don’t like when a club is too superior
    to the rest in their league

  4. If your team is bad then I undestand you to move to a better team but BVB
    is one of the best teams! they went to the UCL final, they beat RM! that’s
    unlogical, hope the best to him but that’s bullshit

  5. Why didnt he go to Madrid instead of diminishing BvBs chances of competing
    with the best by signing for their rivals. No loyalty for the club or
    manager who served him well and he cant complain about not winning

  6. Screw u Munich u took 2 great players from us götze and lewandoski now our
    only good player is Reus and will probably leave the club for Man U and
    we’ll get kagawa FUCK U MUNICH

  7. i wish Klopp was more angry and showed it or atleast something to hit hard
    at Lewa. but i think Klopp should freeze Lewa (eg not play him/bar him from
    training with the squad) because if they are losing their best striker to
    their rivals then send an out of form player to them

  8. Why people hating on Lewa and Bayern it’s Watzke’s fault for lying to him
    and giving very low wages and Bayern would of course want a world class
    striker for free. Anyways it’s Dortmund charcteristic to sell one of their
    best players and become a better ex. Nuri sahin leaves wins the Double.

  9. Robert is a complete wanker for leaving Dortmund for Bayern on a free.

    I know he’s this that and yadda yadda.

    It’s a scumbag move. 

  10. Poor Dortmund. What a terrific team and a great coach they have. They’re
    cursed like Arsenal in some ways with top players joining other teams with
    money. It’s sort of like, “if you can’t beat them, join them”. I’ve no
    respect for these players per se, regardless of how good they are. I’ve
    always enjoyed the challenge in everyday life of going against the odds,
    because it only makes us stronger, more determined and when success comes,
    it makes things just that much sweeter. Dortmund have been unlucky with
    injuries to their key players, especially in the defensive positions. Had
    this not happened, maybe the title race would have been much closer in
    Germany. Bayern have all but sealed another title. They don’t even need
    Guardiola as Barca didn’t need him as well due to their world class
    players. Even Tony Pulis would find success managing Bayern or Barca.
    Arsenal and Dortmund are the people’s teams.If you ask other fans of
    various clubs in both leagues who they would prefer to win the championship
    over “money teams” like Bayern, Chelsea or Man City, most would say Arsenal
    or Dortmund. That sums it all up! 

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