Kovac wants team to improve


Bayern Munich coach Niko Kovac wants his team to improve. He said that although they have made a good start to the season there needs to be some improvement in the way they address some games. He said that they have lost some easy games in the league and that they have conceded an easy draw in the match against Ajax in the Champions League.

Niko Kovac said that these were games that fans were expecting them to win and that the players should take responsibility for the results. He believes that the squad has the quality and the skills to win these type of games and that it is up to the players to deliver the goods.

The Bayern Munich manager said that the objective of the team is to win the Bundesliga as well as the Champions League and it is important that the players give their best to achieve these objectives. He said that there are some experienced players in the team and that they have won some major trophies in the career and they know what it takes to win the German league.

He believes that the team should become more consistent and learn how to finish games off. He said that very often Bayern Munich takes the lead in games and fail to finish the game off by scoring a second goal and this allows the opposition to grow in confidence.

Kovac said that the front and more experienced players should take more responsibilities when it is to scoring goals and make sure that they finish games off. He believes that they can have a great season if the players follow his instructions and believe in themselves.

He said that there is a good team spirit in the team and that the players are determined to achieve something this season.