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All Objectives and Assists by Thomas Muller at FC Bayern Munic in 2009/2010. Our Quantity 25. Bayern München Thomas Müller Finest Video clip Complitaion thomas muller müller scores arjen robben targets abilities assists bayern munich germany true madrid winger dribble ribery robbery stürmer attacker middlefield mittelfeld 1: 2: three: 4: 5: six: seven: eight: 9: 10: Lionel Messi 2008/2009 [Biggest Ever YOU Seen] *NeW* Lionel Messi 2008/2009 [Biggest Actually YOU Noticed]Lionel MEssi – *Freestyle Battle & Expertise* ———————– Leading 10 Greatest Entire world Footballers 2009 This is a new updated video clip of who I assume are the existing top ten football (soccer) gamers in the globe. I have primarily based this on kind and actual expertise to choose the top rated ten. There are so numerous talented footballers at the moment, who do you assume will take best spot? Right here are the gamers that I chose from: Sergio Kun Agüero (Atlético Madrid)Samir Nasri (Arsenal)Fernando Torres (Liverpool)Zlatan Ibrahimovic(Inter Milan)Kaká (AC Milan)Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) Cesc Fabregas (Arsenal)Ronaldinho(AC Milan)Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)Lionel Messi(Barcelona)Gianluigi Buffon(Juventus),Iker Casillas(Real Madrid),Petr Cech(Chelsea),Edwin van der Sar(Manchester United),Fabio Cannavaro (Genuine Madrid), Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United), Paolo Maldini (AC Milan), Alessandro Nesta (AC Milan), Carles Puyol (Barcelona), John Terry (Chelsea) (Barcelona), Thierry Henry (Barcelona), Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Inter Milan), Wayne Rooney (Machester
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25 thoughts on “Thomas Müller – Best of 2009/2010 All Goals FC Bayern HQ

  1. @JazLFC1 Allright. Mueller is pretty damn good. But lets not exagerate, my friend;) Ronaldo is the first striker to score 50 Goals in 51 Games in Real Madrid. This is f*cking epic. He is untouchable!

  2. Müller is even better than last season ! He worked on his technique and now he is almost unstopable !

  3. @torpedohorst thank you! 🙂 i love your country, i even have home and away kit of Germany, one with #10 Podolski and one with #7 Schweinsteiger. of corse i wanted england to beat Germany in the world cup, but i knew you guys would win…because our manager is italian ¬_¬

  4. @K6C10 What? We don’t hate you over here. Some people do, but they’re idiots…big time. And I’ve been to the UK several times and I know, that some of your folks don’t exactly love uns either. But screw them! On both sides of the channel. Our nations have been allies for several decades now. May that never change again. Cheers to my mates in beautiful Albion. *singing* RULE, BRITANNIA… 😀

  5. Thomas Muller era la solucion para el Real Madrid, el hubiera sido el cerebro y Cristianno los goles.

  6. @maxtenn11 netherlands,germany and spain are the best football counties. any player from those countries is awesome. oh and belgium has the best new talent. see eden hazard

  7. deuthscland hat mit thomas müller endlich mal wieder einen geilen bomber und typen zugleich

  8. i am from romania …but bayern is my favourite team from europe… and germany my favourite national team 😀 only awesome players: schweinsteiger, muller, robben, gomez,lahm etc 😀 Forza Bayern!!!

  9. @kas120587 man where are you getting these facts lol, first of all he played for sporting second of all he didnt lead his team to beat manchester united in the uefa cup they played a friendly

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