Bayern Munich 1 Norwich City 2


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25 thoughts on “Bayern Munich 1 Norwich City 2

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  2. Norwich City, welcome back to the Premier League. I mean, that league needs spicing up doesn’t it?

  3. @bensutherland “unbelievable stuff…when he scores goals they’re either spectacular or important, and that one’s both […] stood and admired that, that’s how good the shot was […] just look at that”-not enough for you?!

  4. @skteosk

    Not quite correct, this was season 1993/94……Arsenal went on to win the ECWC that season….Norwich had the second longest euro campaign tho…….of course these were the days when Man Utd couldn’t even get into the Champions League group stages for love nor money….

  5. @bensutherland You will love the video ‘John Motson gets destroyed by Brian Clough’ 🙂

  6. At that point that Norwich team could beat anyone, they were amazing. That team made not just a city proud but a county and a nation too!

  7. The only English team ever to beat Bayern Munich at home 😀
    Come on Norwich!

  8. @raoulandtheking I think I’m right in saying after this round Norwich were the only English team still in Europe: Arsenal and Man Utd had been knocked out and Liverpool had finished three places below Norwich and didn’t even qualify.

  9. Just to let you know to those drooling over this video we won this you know (30 years ago next year) so that is the one trophy you can’t match

  10. @PlugInBaby26 WASN@T BORN THEN i was ten years old when this game took place and im not an ignorant tosser

  11. @raoulandtheking At that time Norwich were mate. Just because you weren’t born then doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, you ignorant tosser.

  12. @PlugInBaby26 one of the biggest english teams WHAT bigger than man utd liverpool arsenal i think not

  13. @raoulandtheking Yes it happened mate. 1993 Uefa Cup. Norwich were one of the biggest English teams back then, so John Motson commentated.

  14. is this a viral video because i don’t think this ever happened ( how did get john motson involved)

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