Fifa 11- Hull City V Bayern Munich (Against The Odds) Highlights


Publish A Video clip RESPONSE IF YOU HAVE ANY Versus THE ODDS IL Pick THE Finest 1 AND Mention YOU IN EP3 AND Submit A COMMENT ON Something YOU WANT HAHA See my goal on emr johnson: Im gona be undertaking a tutorial on lengthy shooting as I have recently labored out a cool way to do them and score wonderful goals! Guys. My mic is busted lol. I will upload a commentary later this week. This was in opposition to the odds Hull city v Bayern Munich. Tough sport. Check episode one here and my other five episodes in my against the odds playlist! Degree 22. I believe i should be greater but getting time to play all the time is tough atm!! Ideas: Preserve it balanced in one fifty percent. attempt to get one particular or 2 objectives in one half then sit right back again and defend. Players in 3 star teams just dont seem to be to have the tempo and stamina. Submit a video clip repsonse fo your in opposition to the odds!! Gona be beginning to consist of backlinks in desc of some guys who upload excellent content material. Give an chance to examine other men and women out! Examine these out – Hazard Cinema of fifa 😛 – R9Rai is Beast – Excellent guy assortment of things – sick commentator. – obv you know him – Thinks hes a beast but hes not negative – sick commentator – Insane Extended shots – Beast player – Fifa Legend – Fifa Legend Thanks
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  1. QPR vs Real Madrid
    Yourself being a Chelsea fan it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on the R’s 😉

  2. hey anto can I join your new club? Im a 86 striker and ill play defence to. and im not greedy ;D

  3. I did a ranked game I was burton albion and he was Barcelona I was winning 3 nil at half time then he left x

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