Bayern Munich Atletico Madrid 1974 Goals (1/3)


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  1. Well done Schwarzenbeck for preventing this vicious Atletico Madrid team kicking their way to winning the EC cup. As for the Atletico fans on here pretending they don’t know what happened in Glasgow, there is footage elsewhere on Youtube to watch. Jimmy Johnstone was lucky his leg was not broken by the assaults on him. In 1974 they were a nasty, cynical team (but I am glad to say this is obviously not now the situation).

  2. @No1barney1 hello i dont understand, what is thugs? and why athletico was brutal agaist celtics? if you can explain i apreciate it.

  3. What a year for German football 1974 was! The 70’s was truly the golden age of German football.. i wonder if we’ll see another? (i hope so).

  4. @PakoMetal venga, un pin de oleguer por buscar ese nombre en google. Ganó la selección alemana, digo el bayern, sí.

  5. @No1barney1 eso que dices del celtic fue un robo que nos echaron a 3 injustamente. en fín…..

  6. My mistake, it was Bayern. I mistook the year Celtic lost in semi-final to AC Milan.
    Believe me,my friend, Atletico were brutal at Celtic park. The Atletico team in Madrid was completely changed from the one that played in Glasgow, so your coach played men who were thugs knowing they would be cautioned & sent off. In the second game in Madrid, Atletico won 2-0 but Atletico’s behaviour was a major let down.
    It was justice that Atletico did not win the European Cup.
    Viva Barca. Free Catalonia

  7. I think You have no idea about what football is. Atletico was better than Celtic the two games. And the final match was Atletico de Madrid – Bayern, no Ajax – At.Madrid.
    By the way, Celtic is one of my favourite teams.
    Greetings from Spain.

  8. Justice that Atletico Madrid were thrashed by a brilliant Ajax side with beautiful football.

    Atletico thugs cheated Celtic in Semi Finals, kicking, spitting, cheating,3 men sent off, 16 cautioned in the 2 games. A disgrace to their club &country & it would have been a travesty had they won.
    In Ireland & in the Celtic parts of Scotland every Ajax goal was cheered as if Celtic had scored it.

    Ajax v Celtic would have been a wonderful Final, a grand advert for skillful, attacking football.

  9. Herr Schwarzenbeck,

    vielen lieben Dank für dieses Tor, auch wenn ich es damals nicht live gesehen habe. Weg mit Müller, Beckenbauer und Maier, hier kommt Katsche

  10. Vaya ignorantes, luis aragones un crack? porfavor, le habeis dado negativos a los que alavan a los alemanes y joder… BECKENBAUER FUE DIOS, ni toda tu familia junta jugaria mejor que el.

  11. Ciao a tutti..volevo informare tutti voi amanti del calcio che è nato un sito calcistico per giovani calciatori che si chiama KICKO . KICKO è lo youtube del calcio per tutti quelli che vogliono farsi notare dagli osservatori.. dateci un occhiata!! ^_^

  12. Katsche, wir danken Dir. Will sagen, Herr Schwarzenbeck, das war ein Traumtor. Wahnsinn!!!

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