Grafite Vs. Bayern Munchen Very Good Goal


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25 thoughts on “Grafite Vs. Bayern Munchen Very Good Goal

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  2. ich war als bayern fan im stadion und es war eine richtige blamage mit den schlechten trainer und ein paar sehr schlechte spieler

  3. Commentator: This is like that Jay Jay Okocha goal against Oliver Khan. So much dribbling, except the defenders here are a little weak.

  4. why is every video for a good goal got a german commentator my favourite one tho is the one that goes GOALL GOALLL GOALLL GOALLL GOALLL GOAL GOAL 🙂

  5. @jaguarjaguar it wasn’t live, so that might explain why the are not really enthusiastic

  6. oh what a unspectacular goalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  7. @jonmui40 Haha!! Oh dear, get your facts right before you come on here running your mouth, he scored 20 + goals for Everton in 08/09, research the facts before making claims that show you have no knowlege of what your talking about. Also if you read what i said i didnt actually claim Everton were a big club, i pointed out that if this Grafite bloke was so good than how come he dont play for a big club like Barca, Real Madrid, Inter? Anyway Everton are a big team if you know your history.

  8. @GermanBamA7X Yakubu has never scored more than 16 goals in a single season, and that was back when he was still in Portsmouth.

    Saha is way past it.

    When did Everton become a big club anyway?

    Wolfsburg is a way bigger club. Stop living off the past..damn scousers.

  9. The german commentators are shit!!!!! What a great goal! But commented by this guy looks boring as synchronized swimming!

  10. Deutsche Kommentaroren sind die größten spastis…absolut scheiße kommentiert…

  11. ziemlich geil.. und dann auch noch gegen bayern

    haha wie rot der höneß wird xD und der klinsmann denk nur.. ‘hm scheiße, lass mal gehn’

  12. ziemlich geil.. und dann auch noch gegen bayern

    haha wie rot der höneß wird xD

  13. ist das ein scheiß kommentator…
    da bekommt er so ein vorlage um zu explodieren und dann..
    das kann doch nicht doch das kann wahr sein…ähh

    naja zum glück hat das unser wolf fuss auch kommentiert so gehts!
    so kommt gänsehaut auf

  14. @ManUtd4756 Thats why he plays for such a big club then is it! I guarantee he wouldnt score 20 + in the premiership like Saha and Yakubu have.

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