Bayern Munich Tribute


Bayern Munich – Perseverance & Prospective A compilation video clip for FC Bayern Munich. Showcasing their struggle and the likely of the new 2009-2010 squad. By. Aequitas1987

25 thoughts on “Bayern Munich Tribute

  1. I think I will make a video dedicated to the Young Thomas Muller / some parallels with Gerd Muller next. Not yet though, after Bayern wins the CL this year or goes to finals first. πŸ™‚

  2. WAR BAYERN MUNCHEN!!!!, VIELEN DANK FUR ALLES, Memories we will never forget, fuck the haters bayern munich is legend.

  3. … It’s a great shame that we ended up being the potential CL champions last season :/

    Great video man!

  4. Hey Aequitas, this is Walter from Bayernforum. Great video! I favorite it and will be watching it quite often! It brought tears to my eyes, thats how good it is…

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