Joshua Kimmich denies proving Carlo Ancelotti’s Strength this Season


Joshua Kimmich denies that one of his main intentions at Confederations Cup will be to show Carlo Ancelotti how good he is.

As per Kimmich, there is no need for him to show his potential to Ancelotti because the Italian already has a fair idea about it. He has seen him at Bayern for one full season and he is aware of his qualities. He is also aware of the fact that he can be quite a versatile player.

A few weeks back, Kimmich had expressed his frustration at being kept out of the starting line-up of Munich way too often in the recently finished season and had joked that he was ready to even keep the goals for the team if that could get him a starting spot.

Reverting back to that statement, Kimmich admits that he was definitely not happy with how many games he got to start, but, he is hopeful that going into the future, he will get to feature in the starting line-up more number of times.

There are many people in German Football who look at Kimmich as the perfect successor of the great Philipp Lahm and the reason why they think so is that there’s quite a bit of resemblance in the games of the two players.

On asked if he also has the same opinion about himself and if he thinks he can achieve as much success as Lahm did playing in the centre of the pitch for Germany, Kimmich says that while he is one of the biggest admirers of Lahm and rates him as an all-time great, he intends to build his own identity moving forward.

Kimmich’s international career is just one year long at this stage and he has got just 15 caps to his name.